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Decontamination of Hoarding/Gross Filth Properties in San Antonio & Austin, Tx

Hoarding disorder affects 2.6% of the American population. It occurs when a person experiences a need to save and keep items because they have extreme difficulty discarding or parting ways with their possessions

Although there are different levels of hoarding disorder, a person likely suffers from it in some capacity if they exhibit three main symptoms

  1. They keep many items that have little to no value to most people, 
  2. They allow items to clutter in living spaces so that doorways and rooms are unusable, and
  3. Their possessions cause stress or problems with day-to-day living. 

It’s important to remember that much of what is considered “clutter” is actually important and offers sentimental value to the person that is hoarding these items. It can then be extremely difficult for friends and family members to help their loved ones discard possessions or clean their homes.

That’s why when the time comes, it’s essential to work with a cleanup company that shows no judgment and instead focuses on providing the best service possible. 

With four locations to serve you throughout Texas, Emergency Cleaning Solutions’ OSHA-compliant team of technicians can treat any hoarding cleanup with a compassionate, personal touch. 


Hoarding Cleanups Require Professional Company Expertise

Hoarding disorder makes living a normal life nearly impossible, especially since there are so many physical, mental, and health risks. 

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that hoarding can lead to increased fire risk due to blocked exits and the accumulation of excess materials. 

Additionally, hoarding often leads to mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and OCD. 

There is also a substantial hazard with prolonged exposure to mold, bacteria, and pest infestations since bacteria are more likely to multiply in warm, moist, protein-rich environments, meaning that hoarders’ homes are a perfect environment.

The first step is acknowledging a problem, and the second step is to work with an expert team that can help take care of it. A qualified hoarding cleanup service can help you, your family member, or your loved one improve their safety and quality of life.

Emergency Cleaning Solutions carefully evaluates the level of hoarding of a given space so that an effective cleaning strategy can be established. No matter the severity, a typical hoarding cleanup service in Texas includes: 

  • Expert knowledge on dealing with risks common in a hoarder’s home, like chemical hazards, blocked walkways, falling items, structural damage, unsanitary conditions from mold growth, bacteria, and dust, as well as dead animals, insect infestations, and other pests
  • Assess the situation carefully with hard hats, masks, gloves, and other necessary protective gear
  • Create a customized cleaning strategy
  • Arrange for the proper equipment and supplies
  • Remove furniture and mattresses
  • Recycle appliances and electronics
  • Remove trash, hazardous waste, yard waste, and construction waste
  • Deep clean health-related risk areas, like bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens
  • Categorize and transport unwanted items for junk or donation 

Depending on the size of the home and property, the hoarding cleanup process can take anywhere between a few days to several weeks, so it’s best to get started as soon as possible.


Emergency Cleaning Solutions: Texas’ Most Reliable Hoarding Cleanup Company

Emergency Cleaning Solutions is a professional cleaning company that is no stranger to any mess that might require this level of cleaning assistance.  

With expertise in the cleaning decontaminating of biohazards, crime scenes, and buildings requiring COVID-19 disinfection, our technicians have all been thoroughly trained in the following:

  • Blood-Borne Pathogens
  • Airborne Pathogens
  • PPE Training
  • Awareness Level Permit Confined Spaces
  • OSHA-compliace
  • And more to ensure absolute safety and utmost experience 

With this in mind, you can trust ECS to assess, strategize, and deep clean any hoarding situation while treating the home with care, thoroughness, and consideration. 

Learn more about Emergency Cleaning Solutions or get your free consultation today.


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