Crime Scene Cleanup in San Antonio and Austin, TX

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Crime Scene Cleanup in Austin & San Antonio, TX

The blood, tissue and body fluids that almost always accompany a crime scene, death or suicide can carry infectious diseases and the dangerous pathogens that cause them. Therefore, it is critical that only professionally-trained specialists in the field of crime scene cleaning help you safely clean, decontaminate and/or remove items that have been soiled with blood, tissue and/or body fluids. Blood-soiled items must be properly disposed of and taken to a licensed biohazard waste facility. ECS not only uses OSHA-compliant technicians to safely handle a crime scene, but we also work with a reputable licensed biohazard waste facility to legally dispose of contaminated items.

Our Austin & San Antonio trauma cleaning service specializes in removing and decontaminating scenes that were exposed to the following:

  • Blood
  • Body Fluids
  • Pet/Animal Feces/Urine
  • Human Decomposition
  • Gross Filth Conditions

Whether we’re working in Austin, San Antonio, or Houston, Emergency Cleaning Solutions will handle every contingency with the highest degree of professionalism. Our company is rooted in the fire department and funeral industry; giving us first hand experience with tragedies and the impact they can have. Our family is here to help yours.

To find out more about our emergency cleaning services, please reach out to our offices at (210) 392-8891.


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