Unattended Death Cleanup in Texas

Unattended death is a term used to describe the tragic circumstance in which a body is discovered days, weeks or even months after the time of death. The decomposition of a body can contaminate the area, room or entire home depending on how long it’s been there. Blood and body fluids leach out into surrounding materials penetrating furniture, subflooring, concrete, joists or even down through the ceiling of a lower floor if left long enough. The odor emanating from the decomposition process attracts insects which spread the contamination even further throughout the area. An area where an unattended death has occurred should only be entered by someone who has been properly trained and certified in trauma scene decontamination and is wearing the proper personal protective equipment. A decomposition can have active disease causing pathogens; making contact with these areas extremely dangerous. ECS technicians have been properly trained and get yearly refresher certifications to make sure that we are always performing our best. Your safety is our priority. If you or someone you know is faced with an unattended death, ECS is standing by and ready to help you with your crime scene cleaning needs.

ECS provides crime and trauma scene decontamination for San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels and surrounding areas.

Special note regarding unattended death:
It is doubtful that you will ever encounter an odor as nauseating as human decomposition. Even very short exposure can often make people sick for hours. Removing the odor of an unattended death is no easy task. Typical household deodorizers will not work. ECS uses the latest odor removal technologies to help make your home or business safe and comfortable to breath in again.

Please note: Using typical janitorial services for a crime scene or biohazard not only endangers the safety of those persons, but it also creates a costly liability for your business. All of our technicians have been properly trained and certified to handle your crime scene cleaning needs in a safe and legal manner. The United States Dept. of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can issue fines ranging from $7,000 to $70,000 for violations of the Code of Federal Regulations, 29CFR1910.1030.


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