Payment and Insurance

Due to the varying degree of size, severity and contamination level among scenes, a set pricing structure that applies to every site is impossible. Insured homeowners and commercial businesses are typically only responsible for their deductible. The majority of compensation will be handled by insurance companies. In most cases, ECS will directly bill your insurance company and provide them with the necessary documentation. Each site is thoroughly documented with photographs and detailed reports that will clearly illustrate your claim. We strive to make the payment process simple and convenient for all clients.

Sites involving violent crimes may qualify for crime victims’ compensation. Please visit our Resources page for more information.

Phone-based Quotes
Giving you an accurate quote over the phone is unfortunately not possible. Companies that claim to be able to do so are likely to raise the rates on you after they have assessed the scene. This is because the size, severity and degree of contamination cannot be accurately determined without an on-site examination. However, ECS takes pride in our prompt and accurate quotes that will be delivered shortly after we’ve arrived on the scene.

We are fully covered for you!
ECS is a bonded company that offers protection for you and your property with complete coverage. We are fully insured with our coverage listed here.

$2,000,000 in general liability
$1,000,000 in property damage liability
$1,000,000 in auto insurance
$500,000 in worker’s compensation
$2,000,000 Transportation Pollution Liability
$2,000,000 Pollution Liability

Reliable. Trustworthy. Proven.
  • 24-Hour Service with Prompt Response Times
  • 100% Compliance with laws & regulations
  • Privacy and Discretion for All Scenes
  • Direct Billing to Your Insurance
  • OSHA-Compliant Technicians
  • Family owned and operated