• Down the Drain…

    We are reminded too often in this business that blood and body fluids can find their way into unexpected, hard to reach places. The bathroom is no exception. We got the call that someone passed away on the floor in the narrow space between the toilet and bathtub of a 1-bedroom apartment. Estimated time of decomposition: 3 weeks. (A 3-week decomp in a confined space with no windows creates a less than pleasant odor, btw)

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  • A Bee Hive??

    The call came in that someone had passed away in their kitchen, but hadn’t been found until weeks later. “Unattended death” is what we call it. The neighbors had begun to notice the odor that always accompanies the decomposition of blood, tissue and body fluids.
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  • just outside a small town..

    It was late afternoon when the call came in that a man had committed suicide just outside a small town about an hour away. The client wanted the job done that night so we gathered our gear and headed out.

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  • Cat Hoarding Unit

    “No one will set foot anywhere near that unit.” That’s the first thing the manager told us regarding the apartment of a recently evicted tenant. Not only did her janitorial staff refuse to complete their duties in the unit after the tenant left, the occupants of the neighboring apartment moved out! What would be bad enough to motivate a neighbor to pack up their entire life just to get away? As we made our way up the sidewalk toward the unit to take a look, we were quickly greeted with the answer; the foul stench of pet urine and feces. The odor came not from one, two or three, but from over twenty cats in a two-bedroom apartment. Today’s job: removal of carpet, carpet strips, padding and odor in the apartment of a cat hoarder.

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  • Suicide Clean Up at San Antonio Apartment

    Last week I got a call to an Apartment in San Antonio that there was a suicide. I rushed over to the scene to see what needed to be done. I usually go to a scene to bid by myself. After I check in with the apartment manager, they give you the key and then I am on my own. Every time is different but the feeling is always the same.
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  • Crime scene cleanup business ‘is not a job for everyone’

    I came across this article at CNN.com and it does a great job explaining why some people shouldn’t be in the crime scene cleaning business and why you need tough skin to be a crime scene cleaner. Not only to deal with the sights but the family of the deceased.

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  • Hoarding Cleanup

    Thanks to the success of a recent TV series, a spotlight has been put on this complicated affliction, and people are beginning to recognize the dangers associated with excessive hoarding. In severe cases, hoarders create an environment that is no longer safe to live in.

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  • OSHA Compliant Technicians

    Our highly-trained team of OSHA-compliant technicians are always on call, ready to help you with any crime scene, accident, decontamination or gross filth cleaning needs you may require. ECS technicians will promptly handle every contingency with professionalism, compassion and confidentiality.

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