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About ECS Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning in Corpus Christi

Since we opened 10 years ago, Emergency Cleaning Solutions (ECS) has been a family-owned and operated business committed to providing professional biohazard disinfection services for families and businesses in our community. Each of our team members has been thoroughly-trained and is an expert in the field of biohazard decontamination including crime scene cleaning, hoarding help and professional disinfection. With prompt service times, discretion and the highest-degree of professionalism, ECS is ready to help you get through what is often a difficult and overwhelming circumstance.
Our Services

Emergency Cleaning Solutions offers the following professional services: Crime Scene Cleanup, Hoarding Cleanup, Biohazard Removal and Decontamination, Pet Damage Remediation and Disinfection Treatment. With annually updated training, our technicians are experts in decontaminating even the worst of environments. We have comprehensive strategies that we have developed over the years to ensure that your home or business is properly cleaned and disinfected.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Corpus Christi

The blood and body fluids left behind after suicides, shootings or other violent crimes come present a dangerous exposure risk to your family members, staff and tenants. Emergency Cleaning Solutions specializes in the meticulous cleaning and disinfecting of crime scenes to ensure that all deadly pathogens that may exist in the contaminated area have been professionally eradicated.

Hoarding Cleanup in Corpus Christi

No matter how bad you think your house or apartment has gotten, please believe us that we’ve seen worse! We know it’s not a situation that you or your loved one intended to be in. ECS can give you professional judgment-free help getting your home back together after things have gotten away from you. ECS will work with you to come up with a cleaning strategy that fits your budget and goals.

Disinfection Treatment in Corpus Christi

If you have concerns that your home or business may have been exposed to infectious disease including COVID-19, you’ll want a company with experience in disinfecting contaminated environments and surfaces. After having performed crime scene cleanup and biohazard decontamination services for over 10 years, ECS is that company. We have been professionally cleaning and disinfecting crime scenes and hoarding properties with bloodborne and airborne pathogens since we started our business in 2010. Our disinfectant is listed on the EPA’s List N of approved disinfectants effective in killing COVID-19 and hundreds of other pathogens. We’ll make sure that your home or business is safe to re-enter after an exposure.
If you have questions about our disinfectant treatment, call ECS at any time. We are happy to answer questions or schedule an appointment.


Pet Damage Remediation in Corpus Christi

Few odors are as strong as concentrated animal urine and feces. But the smell is only part of the problem. Homes with severe animal contamination can attract other pests like rodents, roaches, bacteria and viruses. Decontaminating a pet-damaged home is no easy task. It requires a comprehensive strategy that involves the removal of contaminated materials followed by a thorough cleaning and treatment of the surfaces and sub-structure. At ECS, we have used years of experience and training to perfect our pet damage remediation strategy. We’ll get your home or business cleaned, disinfected and smelling better!

Death Cleanup in Corpus Christi

“Unattended Death” is the industry term for the tragic circumstance where someone has passed and not found for an extended period of time. These situations are often overwhelming for families. Emergency Cleaning Solutions provides professional decontamination services for the blood and body fluids almost always left behind in those situations. We can help you start the recovery process by meticulously making sure the area has been properly cleaned and disinfected.

If you are faced with the unfortunate circumstance that would require these services, call us at any time to schedule an appointment or ask questions. ECS is ready to help you start the recovery process.

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