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About ECS Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning in Austin

Emergency Cleaning Solutions (ECS) actually formed and began in South Austin in 2010. The first service we ever offered was crime scene cleanup in Austin TX. Since then we have expanded our business to offer multiple hazardous remediation services across the Central Texas area. After over 10 years in business, ECS is still a family-owned and operated biohazard decontamination company that makes customer service our priority. When you call ECS, you will get an owner on the phone every time. With prompt response times, compassion and discretion, ECS technicians will help you, your family or business start the recovery process by professionally cleaning and decontaminating the hazardous environment you are faced with. Our hand-picked and highly-trained technicians operate with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise. Our family is ready to help your family!
Our Services

In the Austin area we offer the following professional services:

  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Disinfection Treatment
  • Mold Remediation
  • Pet Damage Remediation
  • Unattended Death Cleanup

ECS technicians follow guidelines within comprehensive strategies we have developed over the years to decontaminate even the most hazardous environments. After over 10 years of performing crime scene cleanup and biohazard removal services, we can assure you that we’ve just about seen it all! No job is too complicated or hazardous. Call ECS at any time to ask questions or schedule a free estimate.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Austin

ECS specializes in crime scene cleanup in Austin and surrounding areas. The blood and body fluids left behind after violent crimes and suicides can carry dangerous bloodborne pathogens. Crime scene cleanup requires professional training and experience to ensure you, your family or staff are safe from exposure risks. ECS has over 10 years experience in decontaminating simple to complicated crime scenes. Our technicians have been properly trained to thoroughly clean and disinfect these environments. If you, your family or business are faced with the unfortunate circumstance that would require crime scene cleanup in the Austin area, ECS can help you.

Hoarding Cleanup in Austin

Hoarding is far more common than you might think. Hoarding cleanup is one of the most common calls we take. No matter how bad you might think the situation is, we have probably seen and cleaned worse! With ECS you will receive experienced, judgement-free hoarding cleanup service. We understand that you or your loved one never intended for things to end up as they have. ECS technicians are patient, kind and will work with you to get your home back in order. We’ll come up with an appropriate strategy to try and meet your cleaning goals while staying in your budget. Cleaning, organizing and disinfection are all a part of our hoarding cleanup service!

Disinfection Treatment in Austin

Professional disinfection has probably never been more in demand with the emergence of COVID-19. ECS has 10 years of experience in decontaminating hazardous environments like crime scenes and hoarder properties; proper disinfection is something we know exactly how to do. Our job is to ensure that you, your family or your staff have a safe environment to return to after our service. Whether it’s a suspected or confirmed exposure, ECS will professionally disinfect exposed surfaces so you can rest easy and move forward. We use a disinfectant that is listed on the EPA’s List N of approved disinfectants effective against hundreds of pathogens including COVID-19. Call ECS at any hour if your home or business needs professional disinfection treatment in Austin.

Mold Remediation in Austin

Much like crime scene cleanup, mold remediation requires the containment and removal of a hazardous substance. If you have microbial growth on surfaces in your home or business, you’ll need a professional company to make sure it has been properly removed, treated and sealed up to prevent future growth. Emergency Cleaning Solutions is a licensed mold remediation company in the State of Texas and can help you! If your home or business is in need of mold remediation in Austin, you can trust Emergency Cleaning Solutions to get it done right. Call us any time to schedule a consultation and free estimate.

Pet Damage Remediation in Austin

Emergency Cleaning Solutions offers professional deep cleaning service for buildings that have been severely contaminated with animal urine, feces and remains. Animals can wreak havoc on structural components of a building and attract other pests like fleas, roaches and bacteria. The urine and feces left behind by animals can also potentially cause health issues like respiratory problems or in rare cases, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome or Toxoplasmosis. ECS has been performing pet damage remediation in Austin and surrounding areas since we started the business 10 years ago. We have come up with a comprehensive strategy to clean, treat and seal badly damaged homes and businesses that have been overrun by animals. Our professionally trained technicians will get your building cleaned up, disinfected and smelling much better!

Death Cleanup in Austin

When a person expires, there is often blood and body fluids left behind, especially if he or she was left undiscovered for an extended period of time. This tragic circumstance can be overwhelming to encounter. The insects and odor that accompanies what we refer to as an “unattended death” indicate that decomposition has begun. Death cleanup is the first service ECS ever performed back in 2010. Our technicians are highly-trained with extensive experience in decontaminating unattended deaths. We understand that this is a traumatic event and a difficult time for the family. ECS can help you restore your home so you can begin the recovery process and move forward with what needs to be done. Call ECS any day at any hour if you or a loved one needs death cleanup service in Austin. We can answer questions and schedule a time to give you a free estimate.

If you are faced with the unfortunate circumstance that would require these services, call us at any time at (512) 382-7243 to schedule an appointment or ask questions. ECS is ready to help you start the recovery process.

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