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Suicide Clean Up at San Antonio Apartment

Last week I got a call to an Apartment in San Antonio that there was a suicide. I rushed over to the scene to see what needed to be done. I usually go to a scene to bid by myself. After I check in ...
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Crime scene cleanup business 'is not a job for everyone'

I came across this article at and it does a great job explaining why some people shouldn’t be in the crime scene cleaning business and why you need tough skin to be a crime scene ...
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Crime Scene Cleanup Austin / San Antonio

A crime scene can include any of the following: homicide / murder, assault, suicide or unattended death. These tragic events almost always leave blood, body fluids, feces and/or human decomposition. ...
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Hoarding Cleanup

Thanks to the success of a recent TV series, a spotlight has been put on this complicated affliction, and people are beginning to recognize the dangers associated with excessive hoarding. In severe ...
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OSHA Compliant Technicians

Our highly-trained team of OSHA-compliant technicians are always on call, ready to help you with any crime scene, accident, decontamination or gross filth cleaning needs you may require. ECS ...
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